Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh Happy day!

Hi everyone!
I know I have mentioned it here about getting a new family member.  After lots of looking and searching I would like you to met Guinness! He is a 5 month old Airedale Terrier.
 This is him on his first day home, it is now day three and I think he feels at home.  It is a good thing God made them so cute! I have forgotten how much work and how exhausting  it is to have a baby around the house! So far one accident in the house  and a chewed power cord from my husband's  lap top!  Not my fault, Kids were in charge for a half hour! 

Here he is the other night sound asleep on his bed, this just cracks  me up !  Our other dog use to sleep like this too. I don't see how it can be comfortable. Okay I am off chasing the baby!


JessicaLynn said...

Congrats!! your new family member is adorable!!

jessica lynn

Cindy said...

He's adorable. Hope he doesn't eat any of your stamps!!!

Debra said...

So adorable!!!

Donna Moore said...

This is such a great post, I think Guinness is without a doubt adorable. Yes, these babies are swift with their chewing, but just look at how tired you made him chasing him around!!! LOL
Congrats on the new family member, he is priceless!

Dawn B. said...

How fun is this.. He is so cute.. Dogs are alot of work but they are so much fun.. Great pictures..

Curt in Carmel said...

OMG!!!!!!! I am so excited and OMG!!!!!!! is he the cutest or WHAT!!!????? I LOVE his name! I just want to reach into the screen and grab that sweet little face and kiss it all over!!! Congrats Heide! I'm so thrilled that you have a new baby. I know it is a lot of work, but that baby phase passes all to quickly and he will be a well adjusted member of the family in no time. Congrats again on this sweet baby!!!! Best, Curt