Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Kitty Hello.

Welcome! Today's card is brought to you by Sami Stamps and Sweet Sketch Wednesday's 2. 
Boy have I been busy, I have been painting and updating the house. When I finish one thing, I find it makes something else look shabby. 16 years in this house and thing are starting to look tired and beat up! Walls, baseboards, and especially door ways. Oh....did I mention, I hate to paint! The walls and ceilings are never straight, it drives me crazy!! Today I was so tired from painting yesterday, I took a long nap and my hands and fingers were cramping up. UGH....I still have some more work to do. 
Let me get back to my card. 
This weeks wonderful sponsor is Sami's stamps. This weeks lucky winner will receive a $12 gift certificate to use in Sami's shop.
Above is this weeks sketch. 
Well, Thanks for being there and listing to my rant about painting and how much I dislike it! 
Hope to see you over at SSW2. 


Joanna said...

I'm right there with you … HATE to paint (which is odd since I'm creative, you would think it would appeal to me) If your hands are cramping … time to take a break! Great card Heide. I love the little "hello" sentiment that you added.

Kathie said...

Girlfriend's I'm with you both....I too HATE to paint as well boring. I need to employ a little man to come and do mine, fresh-in-up as well. Love your sweet card this week so cute and I love those enamel gems. Take care don't work too hard painting and it your cramping and resting think you might need a glass of wine or two to help what do they say for medicinal purposes !!! Could you imagine what the paint job would look like after a bottle or two. LOL

Linda Anderson said...

I'd do all the painting, if only someone else would do all the cutting in without getting paint on the ceiling or trims. Good for you for tackling it.
What a darling card. Love your sweet image and the little sentiment tag. How sweet.


anne said...

Hope you're soon finished with the painting Heide and can enjoy your new look home.
I love what you have done with this sweet kitty and your papers are so pretty.
Love the little sentiment too.