Sunday, March 6, 2011

More about Guinness

I had to share this with you. 
I have written about Guinness and showed pictures of him. Today I found him with the girls playing with dolls. 

He was up in my daughters room for about 1-2 hours. He just wanted to be with the girls. Here he is looking at me, earlier was watching the girls.

My daughter's friend is in the green shirt and Guinness would lick her arm every so often. She said she had to go wash her arm a few times because he keep licking her.

All morning he would go up stairs and try to get into Mia's room. The girls finely let him in and this is where he sat and watched the girls. Every so often the girls would have to yell at him because he would go after something. See the brush, he is afraid of it. My daughter put in front of him so he would not get the doll shoes, or hair things.  When I went to check on him he was so happy that he got to sit and watch the girls play, it was so cute. Thanks for stopping by.

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Emma F said...

Oh my, Heide. That's the cutest thing. He's such a good boy to stay still with all that 'interesting' stuff going on!