Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vote for ME!!

How is everyone doing? I battling a little ear infection, but other wise just fine. I am getting excited about a blog hop happening this weekend with The Stamping Boutique.  It is just a little different, I am not going to post my card here on Saturday. say,  How are we going to see your card?
Good question, because my card will be over at The Stamping Boutique challenge blog and you will have to vote not knowing which is mine.  Pick your favorite card, hopefully you will pick mine!  Our theme is the Circus. Please come and join the fun Saturday March 5th! 

So I don't leave you with nothing to look at here is a picture of our sweet little fur baby, Guinness.

                        Guinness says vote for his Mom! 
To be honest, I am so mad at him tonight, he has been very naughty.  Just look at the face... I can't stay mad at him for long! See you all soon. 


Christy said...

Hi Guinness! Cute dog, great name!!

Dawn B. said...

Awww hope you feel better soon.. He is the cutest dog.. I love the way you looks in this picture. I don't see any naughtiness here..LOL..